I'd really like to get an effects pedal that could make my electric bass (I'll probably use my Thunderbird for this) sound more like an upright. Obviously I'll use flatwounds to get it sounding closer to an upright, but that still doesn't cut it. I'd prefer a cheap pedal. Anyone know of anything that could get me this tone?
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closest thing you'll be able to do to get something near the sound, aside from buying an upright is to play a fretless. then again with a fretless you won't be able to get the whole upright sound.
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you really need a fretless bass, and maybe you could get close with some EQing.
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heck you could try a boss pedal that makes electric guitars sound acoustic and that might give you the closest sounds or a really terrible sound...try it.....it couldnt hurt
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It's more or less impossible with any fretted bass, much less a T-Bird. Otherwise, we'd have no use for acoustic uprights, now would we? But yeah, fretless is the closest you'd come.
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i used to play bass in a jazz band at my school, so getting this tone was pretty important to me. not sure if it'll work on your t-bird, but i rolled my tone knob back slightly, and played through an eq (it was set to a slight bass boost and really slight treble reduction), and sure, it's never going to sound 100% like an upright, but it should give some of the same thumpyness in the attack.