Hi all,

I've browsed the net extensively, searched many music stores, etc.... I can't to seem any good tablature books. Most are very trivial, useful for beginners, but not so much for more experienced players. I see many guitar players who play some amazing riffs, songs, etc., but when I ask them where they learned these things, I never get any definitive answers.
Unfortunately, I don't have the money to take lessons at the moment.
Could you please suggest a source for me? Are there books that you consider to be good? Websites? Or do I have to figure them out by ear?
It seems there's nothing out there... :-\
Any suggestions are greatly appreciated.

I'm not sure what your asking for, like do you want a book of etudes(in which case Heitor Villa Lobos has some good stuff)

or like more modern stuff?
Thumb - Lower 2 strings (E and A)
Index (D, sometimes G)
Middle (G, sometimes B)
Ring (sometimes B and high e)

That's my usual finger assigning, the patterns about what type of music you want to make.... You can keep a pretty calm pattern for an awesome song. (eg; my song Intolerance uses 3 strings, 3 fingers, and 1 is just my thumb picking the low E string in between every note..)

Please add me if as a friend I helped! (I like to think I'm a friendly person)
Usually many of those players who play "amazing riffs or songs" did not learn them from a tabulature book, and if they did, it was probably from a book of actual songs from an artist they enjoyed, rather than a general book of riffs, examples, and patterns.

Everything I learned I learned by ear, and of course by tabulature, though digital ones, not books. The official tabulature books I have bought, I rarely used, and deeply regretted buying them when I found free tabs online pretty much identical to them. What I'm sort of confused about is why you're asking where to find stuff when you're posting on a site with plenty of resources and tabs to keep you busy forever.
TS, check out candyrat.com and view some nice videos of antoine dufour or andy mckee, they are some pretty nice advanced fingerstylists artists. I hope that helps a bit. have fun!
Well you should find guitar inspirations you'd like to follow and look them up on YouTube. Then study their playing style and videos and try to understand how they do them. Two of my influences are Antoine Dufour and Kotaro Oshio, and they actually have a couple videos on YouTube that teach you a couple fingerpicking tricks. If you're looking for more beginner type techniques, those can easily be found on Google, YouTube, and probably on this forum too. Really, YouTube is probably one of the most valuable guitar resources I use. Don't overlook it!