Ok, so I wanna turn guitar building into a hobby, and I'd really like to try kits. I've put together a Saga LC-10 kit and it plays pretty great, when I had it together, I'm currently re-painting, but it's still kind of cheap in a way. But my question is, best guitar kits for under 200 bucks?Anybody?willing to stretch to 300 if need be. I don't care what shape or what woods or anything just the best quality kit I can get, where I can get a REALLY good instrument as an end product. Thank you
Your best bet within that price range is find a beater on the bay that's made with great wood and refinish/hardware it.
Just dont' get a kit. They're pretty much all like that.
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Carvin sells the only good kit i know of.
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warmoth makes great kits as well. With Carvin and Warmoth expect to spend about $800 at least, not including pups.
I'd been suggested myself why not buy a kit but at that point I might as well just build my own from scratch. I have no experience building guitars but if I do I'd have an advantage. I can make Mosrite copies, Kay Vanguard copies... All sorts.
Most of the low price kits have the same problem. The hardware is junk and is usually thrown away but to include it they have to cut corners on the body and neck. If saga or grizzly just sold the body and neck for that price they might actually be decent. Warmoth seems expensive at first. But looking at the tele kit on grizzly thats 295$ and a nice ash tele body and maple neck from warmoth is 330$, not much difference in price and you still gonna want to buy decent hardware and pickups for the grizzly kit.