Poll: What tuning is "Walk" in?
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Down 1/4
4 13%
D Standard
8 25%
Drop D
18 56%
Other (Specify)
2 6%
Voters: 32.
Definitely Drop D. Lol.... I guess this thread isn't helping you out much.

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im fairly sure its drop d
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I'm also fairly sure its drop D
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My band is covering it and we've been doing it in drop D and its sounds right
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It's Quater step down. Not drop D. Dime used this tuning for that really gnarly sound on Vulgar Display of Power

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The way DIME plays it is D standard, and another 1/4 down. However, a lot of tabs on ug are drop d and really it's easier to play in drop d, and it's accurate enough I guess.
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It's Quater step down. Not drop D. Dime used this tuning for that really gnarly sound on Vulgar Display of Power


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Play it in D or Drop D...your choice. Honestly, who really cares what exact tuning he used? Your not using his amp, or his guitar... I much prefer when a band (even a strict cover band) does a cover and doesn't try to be a bit perfect duplicate. Make it your own while honoring the original.

Think what we would have missed if Van Halen wanted to sound JUST like the Kinks or Roy Orbison! Or Metallica trying to sound just like Queen (OMG!!!)

Seriously, if it WAS 1/4 step, or 1 1/4 step down, would you set up a guitar to play just ONE song? You probably have at least a couple you can play in drop D....use that.
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the way i know it is standard tuning
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