I want to coil tap a humbucking pickup. I have no idea how to do this or even if I can so I have a few questions

1. Can you coil tap any humbucker or do you need to buy specific pickups?
2. What extra kit do i need, pots etc?
3. Can anyone recommend and good online resources so I can have a go at it?

Thanks in advance
Also it's a coil SPLIT, not a tap.
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Well actually there is a way to coil SPLIT non-4 conductor pick-ups.
It can be a bit messy though.
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I've heard both coil split and coil tap used. Whatever the case you know what they're saying.
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Coil tap is a feature you use with singlecoil pickups to lower their output.
Coil split is when you cut out one coil of a humbucker pickup to make it sound more like a singlecoil.

They are two different things and the two terms are not interchangeable. It's like saying "Hey guys I want a new neck pickup. Okay well I meant the bridge pickup but you know what I meant didn't you?".

1. You can coil split any humbucker that has enough wires to control each coil (i.e. at least one per coil, most modern humbuckers come with four). Some humbuckers are still made with one connection wire, and that is not enough. Also though you can coil split all humbuckers (provided they have the right wires), some humbuckers simply sound horrible when split, and others are made purposefully to be split. Humbuckers that are made purposefully to be split use magnetic pole pieces rather than one big bar magnet. this means when you shut out one coil, they sound much more like a real singlecoil pickup than the bar magnet humbuckers would do (since real singlecoils are also made with separate magnetic pole pieces). Examples of pickups that are made specifically for coil splitting would be the Seymour Duncan Stag Mag humbucker and the Swineshead AMP humbucker.

2. You'll need some kind of switch so you can actually select the coil split. This can be in the form of a push-pull pot, a two-way mini toggle switch, a three-way mini toggle switch, a slider switch, or you can wire it directly to the guitar's usual pickup selector switch (though of course if you do this, it will mean you'd have to get rid of one of your current pickup selections).

3. Nearly evey pickup brand website has wiring schemes which show you how it needs to be wired up.
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