I don't know chords too well, but I'm an excellent TAB reader.
Can't do hammer-ons and pull-offs real well, either.
I can play the first part of 'Smoke on the Water' already.
So, my question is this: are there any generally easy songs out there
that will help me to improve my playing skills?
Another question, too: are there any other ways, besides playing
a song, that I can improve my skills?

Thanks in advance!
There's nothing wrong with learning songs. After all, that's kind of the purpose of playing guitar. But rather than just focus on learning tunes, try actually learning the instrument. Learn chords, scales, and arpeggios. Study rhythm and theory. If you get a decent handle on these things, learning and writing songs will be easy.
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smoke on the water...
i've played guitar since november 2008 and i don't know anything about music theory, i think.
the only chord i know is power chords and slightly modified such if needed.
and i think i should be able to write a relatively easy song if i actually put some work into it.
i've found it very helpful to learn some system of a down songs but maybe it's not your style. or mybe a little too hard.
also i watched a lot of videos in the beginning.
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