This thread is a list of a lot of really good bands from my area. Most are signed to some sort of label. I see most of these bands live on a regular basis. If Your into any kind of hardcore/punk/metal I suggest checking them out.

Salt The Wound.
I'm sure if your into the whole "deathcore" thing you've probably heard these boys name thrown around a bit. The first band to really blow up around here. In my opinion they are as good as it gets at what they do.


good songs to check out: From My Hands, Better Than This.

These dudes are real, real rad. Also a death/hardcore band. They are right behind Salt The Wound, and are on there way to being just as popular.


good songs: Supression, Bloodstained, This Love Is Your Lie.

Wreak Havoc!
Straight hardcore/punk. A few of these dudes graduated from my highschool a few years before me. Their stuff is gnar, and their singer previously was in NSDWHOA!. They play with mostly metal bands, its funny cause all the stupid little scene girls have no idea whats going on when they play. :]

(effing, if that got blocked out in the middle)

good jams: When Friendship Turns To Competition, Doomed, Soulless and Shipwrecked, Your Series Of Dead Sentences.

Above This Fire.
very similar to Wreak Havoc!, maybe just a little heavier at times. Members also had guest appearances on WH!'s EP.


check out: Designing A Requiem, Flash Floods

Totally rad dudes. Singer left for Wreak Havoc, as previously mentioned. So they are currently without a vocalist. They are heavily influenced by real screamo (skramz, whatever). Their myspace has some good songs but not their best. Try to find Day of Dog Year Of Gnar to download or buy if you dig em.


jams: All My Friends Are ****ty Wizards, Hella Hopped Up... , Floats Like A Butterfly.

Reaching Your End
These guys are in High School. Deathmetal/hardcore. Their drummer is so fun to watch live. He was briefly in cholera, and still fills in for them while they are searching for a new drummer.


good ones: The Bronze Sailor, McQuades Revenge.

done. :]
These bands are incredibly impressive, I could listen to them all.
Reaching your end are really good for their age and just in general.
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good choices dude, i'm not even from ohio but off the top of my head, these bands totally rule

at the throne of judgment
sick melodic metal/core band, been digging these guys for a few years now, they broke up for a bit but came back, horus rises is my fav song by them

rose funeral
also been into these guys for a few years, deathcore with an emphasis on the death part, they're getting pretty big too with being signed to metalblade and all

zombies ate my neighboors
weird dissonant hardcore, noisecore? semitones galore

the heartland
mathcore, spazztic stuff, these guys are totally ****ed it's awesome, the beginning part of "Ms Elanious" never gets old to me

from the shallows
pretty sick metal/core, listen to under a killing moonlight or deadbolted hell

suffocate faster
beatdown hardcore type stuff, no longer active

k that's enough for me
An Ohio hardcore thread that doesn't mention Ringworm or Integrity?
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An Ohio hardcore thread that doesn't mention Ringworm or Integrity?

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Yes! Other fellow Ohio dudes. All these bands are sick as hell. Finally an amazing thread on incredible bands! Anyone remember Dead Even, or Falling Stars Burn Bright??
I'm glad nsdwhoa! made the list. I was into them years ago. I definitely liked their older stuff way more than the newer stuff I've heard though.
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Oceano and Jerome(when they were around).

those bands are from Illinois dude, but good bands for sure, especially jerome (eat the gun is classic)
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those bands are from Illinois dude, but good bands for sure, especially jerome (eat the gun is classic)

Oh damn, I totally thought they were from Ohio, but yea, Eat The Gun kicks major ass!
as mentioned above, falling stars burn bright and the heartland are both SICK

actually, my band has played with almost every one of these bands.

if youre into august burns red check out Outrun the Gun. real sick dudes. their drummer fills in for us when our drummer cant make it. one of the most legit drummers in northeastern ohio.

and check out my band. theyre in my sig. sorry if this isnt the right place for promotion ha.
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