I enjoy reading poems/lyrics that tell a story much more than I do anything else and I've tried to write like that, but it's very difficult for me. When I do write a story, I just naturally want to rhyme everything which I think causes me to force rhyme and limits to what I can say/describe in the coming lines.

Anyone have any advice on how to begin writing poetry that tells a story? What kinds of things should I absolutely make sure to include so people can get a more vivid picture of what I'm saying?
This choice is passion, this path is tension.
I find that writing down like 10 or 15 ''one liners'' as such helps, like your writing the opening line to a story and then piecing together the line in order to make the poem, thats how I wrote my first story-poem and now I can't rhyme because like you've said rhyming stops you from getting as much description as you'd like.
Hope this helps!