"Dark Without Light"

The blue moon longed to watch through the window
Oh how he gazed, free of blame, and enjoyed the show
His luminescence was the only light left to guide
But with desperate eyes, you and I, had naught to hide

Our lips told tales of desires we hadn't ever spoke
Gentle as such, craved your touch, your tongue provokes
You break silence with a whisper as perfect as can be
"Ready baby? Do your worst, make your move, set me free."

My hand raced up your thigh as chills crawled down your spine
You weren't before, now you're more, I take you now as mine
A tension loomed so thick that we could of cut it with a knife
Without shame, a lust in vain, was soon brought to life

But I feel that we have progressed quite enough for tonight
Before too long, before the dawn, before the birth of light
I escaped with little more than a simple good-bye
I made it home, a home so cold, far beneath the sky

Visions of true love dances circles around my dreams
Always alone, forever unknown, for I'm not what I seem
If I am but a shell than how can I so strongly feel what I do?
Hollow lonesome, forever loathsome, dreaming without you

Nightly I toss stones at your window in hopes of your attention
Again we dance, forbidden romance, into blissful ascension
An urge pressures on and I steady my dark desires as before
In love I am, but not of man, I escape once more

As day breaks I lay awake in my dark hearth
Blood red lining, black binding, beneath the very earth
Tomorrow night I shall reveal my blackest secret
She must know, I must show, and she'll never forget

I again throw my stones but she doesn't appear home
Tonight no dance, a dead romance, my confession postponed
Dreading the worst and of losing grasp of my control
Starving I've been, thirsty for sin, this musn't take hold

Consecutive nights pass without a word from her at all
Subtle heartbreak, my soul aches, foolishly enthralled
I wonder where she has been so late into the night
Sleeping again, alone I am, her photo to my right

She responds with the haste she has nights previous
The lust begins, love within, the moon envious
I spoke of my secret hence great fear was inspired
"Not of man, dead I am, for I am vampire"

With my crimson tears falling and the night fading
Screams so loud, evil vows, my love cascading
I was granted exile from the life I once adored
So desolate, never forget, I only miss you more

The cold rain joined me on my long walk back
My only light, burned so bright, but now all is black
Perhaps if she sleeps on this she'll better understand
Do not fear, my love, my dear, what we have is grand

It seems my arrival wasn't expected the very next night
Her room a glow, not alone, two shadows in the light
I steal the moons view and peer in to discover the truth
How they danced, secret romance, her lips have been untrue

I'll think I'll lay right here for I am completely undone
Bitter and grieving, not alive but breathing, I await the sun
I'll soon learn the outcome of when dark and light clash
Lonely no more, without rapport, my flesh turns to ash

Yeah I know it's a little long, sorry about that. I'm not very good at telling stories but I want to get better at it. And yes, I know it's not perfect. You'll most likely find forced rhymes here and there. And no, I didn't see Twilight nor did I read the books lol I just like the imagery of the whole vampire "culture" I guess.

You don't have to critique if you don't want, it's not a big deal. I'm just putting it up here in hopes of someone somewhere enjoying it. Thanks for reading.
This choice is passion, this path is tension.