Alright, here's the scoop. I have been playing.. 1 and a quarter years?
but im at the stage where my teacher has started suggesting that i start writing. so i did, in the key in D minor, i came up with some (what i think) killer sweeps.
but i cant base a solo on just them, i need a sort of "starting point" for it, i dont plan to plagiarize what is said, but i really need just some suggestions of some decent, runs i can do in the D minor scale. The sweeps by the way are Dm, Bflat, C and back to Dm
Thanks for reading appreciate all the help
depending on what style your going for. you could come up with a simple power chord progression that uses chords in that key, drop d tuning anyone? or you could use those actualy chords (Dm Bflat, C and Dm) and just see if that fits. that could give you a good chorus, verseish part.