There is a picking song that has a lot of meaning to me (the reason why I started to play guitar) But I'm not quite good at reading tabs, and dont know how to play by ear.

I was wondering if I provide a video of a guitar solo, if someone can produce a instructional video on how to play it. and I will be more than happy to compensate for your services.

The chords dont looks too hard and seems like it's do-able for me.

Please PM me for more information.
tabs shouldnt be too hard to read. the numbers correspond to what number fret the note is on, and the bottom line of a tab is considered the lowest (thickest) string on the guitar.

You should learn how to at least read tabs instead of relying on video, it'll be a lot easier that way. If you still want a video instructional, youtube would be the best place to find one, unless someone here puts one up. either way, good luck man
The problem is that the version I hope to learn doesnt have tabs as he made it himself. I mailed him but I'm guessing he is way to busy and most likly has hundreads of people daily asking for tabs and never got a reply.

I really want to learn this song, so Im willing to pay someone to make a vid.
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does that song sound like japanese Tears in heaven to anyone else?

Haha kinda sorta. Really hard to chord it when I cant put lyrics behind it.
Practice is the key! Just keep listenin to the song and reading the tabs the playing em until you get it. No way to make it easier but you'll get it if you keep trying!
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Quote by Sootinior
does that song sound like japanese Tears in heaven to anyone else?

That's the first thing that struck me. I didn't say anything because I didn't think anyone else would hear it lol.
barredE E G7 C C7 A D Dm

Im so glad you told me that. My list of chords are much different.

Thank you so much but the hard part that I couldnt figure out was what strings he picks, in what order. I watched it so many times, but i still have no clue what strings he's picking at once and stuff.

I would be forever greatful if you could help me with it.
Looks like hes doing this: (X is the strings hes picking)


Over and over and over...