i want to tune my classical guitar in dadadd
does it has to hear like this ?

there are 2 d in the last
Tune the E DOWN to a D
Leave the A
Leave the D
Tune the G DOWN to an A
Tune the B UP to a D
The High E DOWN to a D

Is that what you were wanting to hear?
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what do u mean
tune the E down to D
Tune the G DOWN to an A
Tune the B UP to a D
The High E DOWN to a D
turn the knob thingies until the strings change to the note you want them to
tune your 6th string, the one closest to you when your holding the guitar, to D
Do not tune your 4th or 5th stings, the two under the 6th string
Tune your 3rd string to A
Tune the last 2 strings to D
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Get a Electronic Tuner to do the job for you,the above explanations where good it's not gonna get easier
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