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I haven't heard much talk of Peavey Bass Guitars on these forums, so I thought I'd give them a mention to see what people think of them. The reason I'm asking is due to the fact that the bass I ordered through my local music shop(Traben Array Obsession) has been lost somewhere between the manufacturer and distributor, and now I'll have to wait until December for it to come in(After already having waited three months), so I've decided to look into some other basses. I'm aware of the fact that Ibanez holds some high quality basses at the 350-500$ range, but I'm quite intrigued by Peavey currently, which is why I'm requesting some information.

I'm particularly interested in their Grind series basses. Also, feel free to recommend some other brands that produce basses of quality within the price range, and I'll gladly look into them.

Thanks once again.

they're ok. they play pretty well, but aren't spectacular, IMO. Schecter may be worth looking at.
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I've played the same Peavey bass for 6 years and it's done me no wrong whatsoever. The lower end Peaveys are made of agathis, which, depending on how you look at it is either a good wood or a bad wood. Although the newer ones may be made of basswood. I personally think agathis really works well in usage in a completely active instrument as it's very transparent. Build is generally good.

The Grind series is probably one of the best series for the price, IMO. They aren't made by Peavey- they're made by an independant factory, but distributed and branded by Peavey, as far as I remember. Very nice tonewoods, but try the actual instrument if you can- there have been some mentions of sub-par fretwork, but most companies have their lemons.
A friend of mine has a Peavey cirrus which is beautiful and play just as well. It's more expensive than your price range. I just bought a Fender deluxe active jazz bass and it plays,sounds and looks amazing. I traded a Peavey milestone 3 in and paid $500 at GC
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I got a Peavey Milestone II at a pawn shop for $70. It plays fine and sounds fine to me.
^ Yup, I've seen quite a few milestones around my area...they're actually not bad for what you pay for them. Nice, solid workhorses.

I haven't played a millennium lately, but from what I remember the BXP I played sounded and felt quite nice. I know there's a few big name players that use them.

The Zodiac, as I understand, is a very good buy. I haven't had a whole lot of experience tone-wise, but they do feel very good. I've actually heard of people buying the Zodiac starter pack just to get the bass.

I've also played two Cirruses lately...a BXP 5 and a USA Custom 6er. The BXP was quite nice, and when I plugged the sixer in it was one of those "OMGWTFBBQ!!!1" moments. It was the most amazing instrument I've ever played, bar none...that's beating out three custom Warrior basses.
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I played a Grind 6, which looked nice and felt solid, but was quite difficult to play due to its surfboard neck. I think thats more to do with the 6-strings, and imagine that the same issue isnt applicable to the 4s. It had a good, bright tone though, which was reasonably versatile.

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The Zodiac, as I understand, is a very good buy. I haven't had a whole lot of experience tone-wise, but they do feel very good.

Ive been told that the DE Scorpio Zodiac sounds like Paul Simonon's intro to London Calling, if that helps...
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^ That does help. He used a P-bass for that, so it makes sense that it sounds like one.
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Peavey are quite good at that milarkey, my Microbass combo routinely gets thrown in the back of the car with five dogs climbing over it, trying to claim the high ground, and still works fine, even if it has a thick coating of dirty paw prints over it now.
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The Grind would be a great counter-punch to the Array Obsession. I think you have found a great sonic combination.

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I was looking at peavey, grinds and millenniums especially, but I settled on a schecter, since peaveys hard to find to play in my area.
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I bought my cirrus BXP for $400 used, so it's not necessarily out of your price range

but it goes through sooo many batteries..
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