I'm finally in search of a new guitar to replace my well-worn and pretty pathetic Ibanez, as it was the only thing i could afford at the time. I've had a look around already, but I figure I could get some quick answers here.

Don't try to convert me over to your favorite brand or anything like that. I'm just looking for some users who have a larger knowledge of this than I do.

My criteria:
1. Solid top,
2. Solid back (solid sides optional),
3. OM shape (or any fingerstyle-suitable shape). NO DREADNAUGHTS WHATSOEVER!!!!!
4. Budget limit: $1200

Although I would prefer an electro-acoustic, plain acoustic with or without cutaway is totally fine. Main thing for me is the shape and complete solidness.

Epiphone Masterbilt EF500. It's available in Rosewood back and sides (solid wood of course) and it's got a wider fingerboard for fingerstyle comfort. You can get a really nice, tight set-up on them, great harmonic response...I've got the one with mahogany on the back and sides, but with rosewood the tone and projection get turned right up to 11...you can get a basic model, or the one that's all gussied up with abalone binding, rosette, etc...that's the EF-500RA.
Also, if you can, try to find a Larrivee guitar - specifically the L-03 (also available in rosewood back and sides).

I say, give 'em a look.
Very nice, though from what I've read, I think I'm more of a mahogany person. Still, either way, it's fine, I just hope my stores stock the model.
Yes, the Guild GAD-30 is the guitar I am looking to get, though I'm trying to find other options, just in case.
I have a Larrivee OM-03. It really is an excellent guitar, very balanced response, which I assume you are looking for since you want an OM.
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