K so I havent changed my strings in while and im due to change them and i need some advice.
K so i play metal and go for a tone like David Ellefson (megadeth), Justin Chancellor(Tool), really trebbly stuff that doesnt get lost in the mix. I also like to shred so i need some pretty light strings but not too light or else it buzzes.

Right now im playing Ernie ball hybrid steel 45-105 set on a ESP F254 FM and theve been good but im lookin to try somthing new. Ive tried D'addgio's and didnt like them and im thinkin of tryin some roto swing bass or sheelan signature.

What should I do?
In my experience roto swing bass strings are really warm. even when they're pretty fresh. that's what's on my bass right now. if you like trebley(sp) sounds I would suggest some dr high beams. I didn't think I'd like them myself because I tend to like deeper sounds but they were ok and the tone was really clear. I also had some other rotosound strings before the swings and they were clear and had a lot of treble. don't remember which ones they were but they started out extremely bright and annoying but after a couple days they were great.
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kurt mangan make a fantastic ml string, strong bright flexible and plenty of tone and they make a 45-105
Im going to assume that by D'Addgio you mean D'Addario? I had a set of their nickel ones, which were insanely bright, so much so that I rubbed handcream into them to kill it off.
But if you didnt want them, then DR are worth checking out, especially the Jonas Hellborg signature series.
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Don't both of those players use a pick? I think that'd have more of an effect on the tone than the strings would.
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They do indeed.
But the Rotosounds are commonly used by players with the kind of tone you described, Geddy Lee, Steve Harris, Duff McKagan, Chris Squire... and its difficult to go wrong with them.
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"Harry dear, its an inaminate object"