So yeah, what is your favourite live band?

Or what do you think the best live band is?

My personal favourite is Rammstein... they put on an insane live show with lots of fire.. and the bassist goes out into the crowd on a dingy lol

Oh, and I used the searchbar and couldn't find another thread on this topic, and if there is then I apologize.

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From what I've seen, HEaven and Hell and Yes were my two favourite shows.

I mean that in the sense they used props and set an atmosphere for their show and didn't jsut play their music.
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I'd love to see Rammstein, their shows look pretty ****ing epic.

Opeth are the tightest live band I've seen.
In terms of effects and everything, I'll agree it's gotta be Muse.
But in terms of sheer brutality and getting into the music, for me it has to be Gojira.
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I'd love to see Rammstein, their shows look pretty ****ing epic.

Opeth are the tightest live band I've seen.

Opoeth live didnt really do it for me, great band on record, a bit less energetic live than many other bands.

For me the best band live was probably At The Gates, might have just been because they put their all into a reunion tour, but thats how it was for me.

Gojira and Machine Head come close too
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^That's a point, they weren't particularly energetic apart from Mikael, who spent most of the between song time cracking jokes. But when it came to playing, absolutely spot on.

I saw ATG on their reunion tour too, it was ****ing incredible. Where did you see them at?
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ive only seen a few shows but fair to midland put on a great show, they made all the lights and stuff work in their favor and just sounded great.
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When I saw Ray Davies solo, it was just incredible. As for a full band, the Living End was really really good.
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Alice Cooper and Kiss and Ted Nugent. Kick ass live shows
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From the bands I've seen, Flogging Molly, Slipknot, and Coheed all put on really awesome shows.
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From the bands I've seen, Flogging Molly, Slipknot, and Coheed all put on really awesome shows.

I'll agree with this. I lost my festival virginity to Flogging Molly. They were the tits. I blame them for getting drunk on the first day and not remembering much else. Bloody Irish.
Kiss, Megadeth, Sonata Arctica, Dream Theater, Motley Crue, Led Zeppelin(see The Song Remains the Same DVD)
Machine Head. Go see THEM.
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opeth cynic megadeth dream theater, brmc, qotsa, tool muse

muse and dream theater the best live IMO
i just saw robert randolph and the family band i must say that was one FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUNKY show. currently my favorite show i've yet seen. might be going to see phish though soon so that might take the cake.
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my favorite live band is an underground band called Doctor!Doctor!, f*cking amazing live

I love AC/DC live, I prefer them live to the studio.

other bands I like live, Slipknot, MCR, A7X I think used to be pretty mediocre live but sound much better now, Trivium, and BFMV
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Isis is amazing
Dinosaur Jr. in my opinion, sounds a lot better live than on their albums (even though the albums still kick ass). But also the Constantines and Foo Fighters put on some great shows.