Im a begginer(played for 7 months) guitarist living in Kenya and have played through my practice amp for like 3 months, and am thinking of an upgrade, between the the vox vavetronix at 50 watts and the peavey vypyr at 50 watts. And was wondering which would suit my styles better( that is classic rock upto heavy metal and a little dabble of clean music like jazz and so!) My mum travels to the U.K. on like june so i jus need to know which is better so that i have enough time to save up and coax her to buy for me one.
the vox is good for cleans (tried it in a shop with a strat), and ive always thought of peavey amps as more geared to distortion, i'd try looking on youtube for demos and stuff, and see which would fit better!

ive heard good about both though
i have the 30 watt version on the vox and its amazing, i wish id had gone for the 50watt version, theres just soo much on it to play with and the effects are great for in built ones. id really recomend the vox. i play similer music to you aswell and getting a clean sound takes abit of work to do the 1st time but once you have sorted it you can find so many other clean settings.
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I have the VoxAD50VT and it is a great amp.
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I recomend the vypyr personally. Since it seems that you play through a wide variety of music, the vypyr's different models and effects should help you get the tone you want.

However, if you have a good assortments of effects and such, the Vox would be a much better recomendation.
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