very cool psychedelic thing here. i love when the bass kicks in. great job using the wah pedal, gave it that reggae feel. Everything goes together so well, the drums, guitars, bass, even the lil wierd noises here and there. keep up the great work. could u crit mine
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Very nice and relaxing. I like your effects... it really has a nice layer of sound great for psychedelic sound. Nice mixing of audio levels too, everything is there in balance. Groovy bassline at 2:40. Interesting work with the drums too... that crazy reverb is sick. Also that "oooh" sound at 1:22 is amazing :P Some of the parts definitely reminded me of Pink Floyd. Overall, nicely done... all I would suggest is maybe adding in a few lead lines... although most of the effects/bassline melody can carry the song through without it getting boring.

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