Hey guys, heres the deal. We have a drummer, bass, guitar(me), and a singer/piano player(shes a girl). We are entered in a talent show and wanna do a sweet song mix. Heres what we had in mind. We were going to mix sara barielle's "bottle it up" and "love song". We had an awesome transition planned but the problem is there is another girl in the talent show thats playing "love song". So being kind, we said we would switch our songs. Now i'm trying to find a sweet mix of 2 or 3 songs (keep in mind our singer is a girl, she is pretty good too) that would run together smoothly and sound good.

We like artists like sara barielles, colbie calliat, alicia keys, and all those types of girl artists. So if anyone has any suggestions that would be awesome! Thanks
ever heard of an Irish artist called Wallis Bird? You might be into her, and one of her songs might be your biscuit.
Speak Softly aka the The Godfather Theme and F playing with that group, play a solo. You have a chance to wow your peers and you wanna let the singer get all the attention >_> FAIL.

And to the guy above me EPIC FAIL for resurrecting this thread nub >_>