So, I'm building a whamola for my art class believe it or not. I've found a couple videos online describing how to make them. But, I was just wondering if anyone has an specs or experience in building these things. The help would be greatly appreciated.

I actually tried to make one, it functioned but I never managed to iron out a few key issues.

I had a piece of square tubing with some scraps of maple glued to the front. I scrounged up an old fender style bridge, cut it in half, put that on the front raised it up a bit with some additonal wood. Borrowed the electronics from my Squier Jazz.

My big problem, I could never make a good lever. I never figured out a good way to get it to lock in place.

Then I decided the electronics were better off back int he squier, and after months of sitting in the garage dad was like "WTF is this" and proceded to throw it out.