so, a few days ago my computer broke and i tried reformatting windows onto it, and it failed. i tried a different copy of windows. it failed. i tried vista and windows ME - guess what - it failed. i decided to try linux and it worked without any trouble at all. At this point i thought it could be coincidence. but then it wouldnt let me send files to people or off the computer it stopped me by:
a) freezing the transfer over msn of a 28kb file at 95%
b) snow (WTF!?) fell all over the screen when i tried to send it to myself over hotmail
c) the comp crashed when i almost had it on the internet.
d) doesn't recognise my mp3 player
e) refused to write onto CD's, then soon to tell if there is one at all.
i tried to upload it to the internet again and it cut my internet when i opened firefox.

why? the answer is obvious: the computer has feelings, and a personality - very selfish at that.

no, its just a coincidence that it dislikes windows and prefers linux, that it won't let me send files off the pc.

but today it broke again, and it has a message come up everytime i tryto laod it up: GRUB loading - Error 15.
it wants me to feed it grub.
it has friends and enemies, linux and windows.
it is selfish and keeps the fiels to itself
were all doomed.

incase your wondering, i'm using my brothers computer, and my old one is unplugged for security reasons.

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I know what you mean. I'm the bitch of my computers. Need to do things in a certain manner or it'll go in a strop and I'll have to restart it.

*presses post reply before the computer sees what I'm writing about it*
Your computer is satan. You need to pour lots of holy water on it that will sort it out real good.
For the record, GRUB is the bootloader. GRUB error means bootloader.
On top of that.
Sounds like your computer is ****ed. Go get a new one.
your computer successfully divided by 0....now its fucked

GRUB is a boot error, mine had the same problem. Ended up toasting my hard drive too. Seriously, if the computer is more than a couple years old you're better off just buying a new one...especially with how cheap they're going for nowadays. You can get a decent laptop for under $500 now.
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Ubuntu = win. I just like playing games so I'm using W7.

That's Windows 7 right? How is it?
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Uhm don`t they all have feelings? Mine sometimes has to be restarted a couple of times before working properly...or it just sucks.