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Yes, they suck massive balls.

+ they always slide of my lap
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Go someplace where they sell Ovation and other brands. You really do have to play em back to back and decide yourself. I own 2 ovations and the sound is great with both. I've played hundreds of other Ovations in stores and there are huge differences from one to the next......but I'll say the same about Taylor, Martin, Breedlove, Seagull.

I have found that the US made Ovations are consistantly better than the overseas made ones.

If you find one you think you like, play it and decide for yourself. I play mine 99% of the time unplugged.

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Ovations don't have "natural" acoustic sound. They have an "Ovation" sound. That's about it.
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Aside from sonic differences, they have (had?) a reputation of developing cracking problems after a few years (a decade or more?) where the wooden top is fastened to the synthetic back, this is hardly surprising, given that wood wants to move with temperature, humidity and age and plastic/fibreglass doesn't.
Some are great. Some stink. Usually the higher end ones sound much better. You should hit the music store and test em first.
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They look really stupid and they sound like.....well....this

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