is this inspired by the painting of the same name?.....is it just me or does Guernica sound like some type of rare/new sexually transmitted disease?!......THAT HOOKER GAVE ME A CROTCH FULL OF GUERNICA!!!

anyways..i digress, gonna take a listen now

pretty good, its nice and mellow, sounds like something that would play at the end of a movie to me for some reason? what did you record it with?
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Very, very nice. Your mix is really good, I love the vocal effects, and the song is great. Keep it up!
Thanks for the replies guys. It was recorded with sonar. The guitar tones (and the vox) were Amplitube and the keyboard was direct in. I e-mailed it to my bassist and he sent back his bass track which I mixed in. Almost all the songs we have recorded have been through e-mail. I'm traveling for the next month or so, but I'd like to collaborate through e-mail on some new stuff when I return if anyone is interested.