OK I am getting ready to start building an SG using the tools and equipment available here at the wood shop here on post. I am looking to find the dimensions for a bolt on neck pocket and I also was hoping to get some advice on where to start what to do and what to look for. When i have something done i will post what pictures i take.
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and google project guitar, they have lots of tutorials
good luck
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ok here is the first of what will most likely be many questions. i plan on ordering a neck from warmoth most likely and i am wondering if i should have the neck before i start making the body or if i can get the body done and then once i get the neck put it together.
Life is short and hard like a bodybuilding dwarf.
Are you doing a bolt-on or set neck? Either way, everything other than the neck pocket and bridge placement can be done beforehand. Then it's just a matter of putting it all together.
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