I need help!

My buddy is looking for a dean ml 7 string but we can't find anywhere that sells them. If you know of a website other than like musicians friend (who does not have them), could you please post a link or if you are selling one let me know on here also!

Thanks much
go on deans website, find the guitar and there should be a dealer locator so u can find one, or go into ur local guitar shop and see if they will order u one in
Thanks for the help but for some reason its not on their website. The thing is im pretty sure that its not a discontinued guitar. If anyone can find a website that is selling one Id appreciate it.
Dean forums mate....best place to find em

Plus its on their site i saw it earlier today....under electric guitars

But tell ur mate to try one as the one i tried played really bad and the pups were not wired properly
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