I'm looking for a general rock sort of sound(not too helpful)...

But anyway, which Seymour Duncan SET of pickups would you recommend for a Mexican Stratocaster? I would like them to be all single coils.

I will appreciate your help.

Please reply!!!
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Check out the sound samples on the website. Maybe try hot rails.
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Alcino II pro for middle and neck and hotrail for the bridge if you want to go only SD. else Fender Noiseless in middle and neck and hotrail in the bridge.

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Thanks. No, I hope I didn't seem too pushy by specifically asking for Seymour Duncans, I just know that they are very well known.
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I once trapped my left testicle in a vice. I have no left testicle.
So are Dimarzio. They sound just as good as Duncans, but they're in general a different flavor. A lot of their SC's are noiseless, but there are a few that aren't, they're just by far a minority.
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