Hello - circumstance -
Rape me with your spontaneity -
Lose me with your endless choices;
- Does this make me God? -
Am I in control of this chaos?
I follow, wide, open eyes
Bow my head - prepare to receive
What random choice has designated for me.
Don't all these colours
Blur our individuality - Distorted
- All I can see -
The answers were once clear to me.
Sick - swallowed by sleep -
Remember everything that had been,
Toy guns and Sunday school -
I ate that fruit -
So there is no surprise in the fall.
a bit random but interesting. i can totally hear this being done by the band sky eats airplane. is it going to be screamed?
This was a really effective and clever display of using rhythm as a means to develop a theme.
At first glance it does all seem particularly random and almost grandiloquent, but the more you read it, the more you notice that you - maybe - had a goal in mind and knew how to reach it. Which is a great show of skill. It was a relatively simple method - not to accomplish accurately - but to imagine in the first place. And that adds honesty and human-like connotations.
This was a surprisingly good piece. The ending was glorious.
You wouldn't happen to be a Dylan fan would you?
Stuck inside of Mobile with the Memphis Blues Again?

Anyways, too weird for me. Couldn't get to the central idea you were trying to convey...if there was one, that is.