Just wondering what drew some other people to the instrument. For me it reflects my personality I feel.

In all of my sports teams I have ever been on, I have been the unsung hero just like the bass is. In football I was the offensive and defensive linemen. The position that the team knew was important but that the average fan wouldn't care about. It basketball my strength's were always rebounding and defense. Not nearly as much glory as firing up 3 pointers or shots from elbow every time you touch it, but the team knew my job was very important.

That is what drew me to the bass. The average fan won't know much about a bass player's position in the band (might not even know what a bass is), but the band and the people who pay attention will know what instrument really drives the song.

Just want to know what lead you to play the bass instead of being flashy with just a regular electric guitar?
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