Basically Im an acoustic player that recently bought a Fender Highway One Strat to get into electric and I need some schooling on pick-ups. Assume I know nothing about pick-ups other than what they do. My strat came with Alnico III Pickups. Now if I wanted to look into other pickups (research purposes), how would I know where to start? Is there a certain style or model I have to go after? Any help is appreciated!
dont forget you need left handed pickups !

they are lots of websites on the net where you can listen to different pickups if you wanted to change them. just check a manufacturers website!

However, tbh most of the tone i think comes from the fingers and the amp.
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If you wanted to get new ones, see which ones your favorite guitarists use. Obviously buy one that fits the holes. Find sound samples of the pickups and on from there!
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Pickups do have an effect on tone as well, but yes, the majority of tone is your amp.

What style of playing are you using your Strat for? For example, you'd need different pickups for blues-rock style playing than you would if you were looking to nail the SRV kinda tone.
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Thanks for the replies. Im a big fan of the Dan Auerbach style from the Black Keys and also Jack Whites style as well. Im not married to those styles but those are big influences.