I own a LTD M-100FM. Comes with some passive ESP pickups. I was wondering if I were able to put an active EMG 85 on the bridge but leaving the passive pickup on the neck to get some better clean sound. Is this possible or both of them have to be actives? Thx

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1) Yes, but you'd have to expect a serious volume drop when switching from the bridge pup to the neck one.
2) As much as I dislike EMG humbuckers, they still sound better clean than stock LTD pups.
3) There is no point playing an EMG through a cheap solid state amp. It will sound bad.
4) There is also no point putting an EMG in a low-end guitar. It will sound bad.

All in all: Nah, bad idea.
Bad idea putting new pups into a cheap guitar. Buy a more expensive guitar, say around $500-700. It's guitars in that range that start to get worth modding.
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No active passive dont mix well at all. You would have to have 25k pots for the active and 500k pots for the passive. That guitar only has 2 pots you could get a stacked 500k for tone and vol for the passive, but could only have vol for the EMG. Or drill holes in the body. Its best to do 1 or the other.