Hi everyone,

I find these three amps very similar... Anyone knows the main differences beetween them ?

I want something quite versatile to play everything from jazz/blues to 80's hair metal with nice cleans too...
Which one suits that the most ?

(PS : I'm also hesitating beetween a traynor ycv50...)
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I wouldn't recommend a Mesa for blues or hair metal, you probably want a Marshall or something British-voiced.
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The Mesa (the Express at least, being the only one I've tried) is incredibly versatile but it's got a modern American voicing which won't work fantastically for hair metal. Try one though, because it's definitely very versatile and has great tone. Who knows, it might be perfect.

I concur with the above poster, a Marshall would probably fit the bill better.
The mo-effin Traynor is much better. None of those Mesas are particularly hairy, but the F and the DC are very versatile. I'd say a JCM800.
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The most Marshall-like Mesa is the Stilleto, I believe, although I could be wrong about this. If you're dead set on having that fluid, smooth Mesa distortion at your disposal, but with a hair metal voicing then that's probably a good choice.