i finally finshed a couple songs id love for everyone to hear. vocals and everything. so please listen n crit. anything at all. tell me wat i need to work on if u like it. and please ADD!!!!!! www.myspace.com/mikeweidner16 thanks so much ill finish mroe later n let yall no about it thanks again
I listened to stars for emily, and i couldnt finish it.
It started, and i thought, woow this is one of the first decent acoustic projects i've heard from UG.
And then you started singing.

Really, i dont want to be a douche, at all, i swear. But please dont sing.
Play guitar in a band, write music, hell even your lyrics are half decent.
Just please dont sing.

Or take lessons.
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Hahaha you crack me up swansareroadkil.

:can't think of a smiley to put, your too cool:
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yea i no i cant sing btu i try. its very hard to find a singer around here n i cant ever keep a band goin btu thanks guitar is musicly wat im best at.
Singing aside the songs are pretty good. I like the guitar work man, its pretty decent.
thanks alot. ill keep working at i was thinking about singign lessons also but those r hard to find around here also. but again thanks