i quite like your tone, and overall yup well done very nice! i think one of the bends was a bit dodgy, but i'm just nitpicking...
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Awesome cover, it was spot on. What setup do you use for your tone? If you wouldn't mind checking out some of my covers in my profile I'd appreciate it, as I've got some Pink Floyd covers up as well, and hope to do some more soon.

Thanks guys . Going to check them out.
I use a Squier Stratocaster and a Boss GT-8. The GT-8 has an amps simulation feature so it's really good for emulating different tones. If you have one I could send you the patch.
I'm at 8 gain, 8 bass, 10 mids, 8 treble, 6 presence. I have a delay of 286ms, chorus, and reverb. It's kinda overkill to have the delay and reverb together but it gets the job done .

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I don't have a Boss GT-8, I tend to favor the single effects pedals over the multis. An expensive weakness of mine. I like to build clones of vintage pedals, I like to think it helps me get closer to certain sounds, but it may be wishful thinking. Anyway, good stuff, also I don't know if you know it but www.gilmourish.com has a ton of David Gilmour info which I found really interesting.
Very, very nice! Just a few minor overbends in spots, but overall a great solo.

QUOTE=Whiskey Tango]Here's a video of my band playing Pink Floyd's "Another Brick In The Wall" in a small bar in the Midwest. The audio isn't great because it was just recorded with a handheld video recorder on a tripod. It's still one of my favorite songs to play live.

Amazing. Pure Amazing, Urik, YOU RULE DUDE!

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