I have a friend who's after a new guitar. Me and another friend've narrowed the choice down to the Epi Sheraton 2 and the Epi Dot, but we can't come to an agreement which is better. Help out some people with strong wills, please
I'd personally get the Sheraton - but make sure to try them both!
Neither is better, there's just the better-fitting for the player!


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Imo they should go for the sheraton, better guitar, great value, looks a lot nicer. Also i've heard oasis use them, so if your friend likes them then definatly get the sheraton
Hamish! You know full well, that she has no idea which's better, seeing as you're the one who recommended the Sheraton, and I recommended the Dot
Aren't the Dot and the Shereton II nearly identical models in specs these days? Both are laminate maple bodies with 3 peice maple necks, crappy epiphone humbuckers and ES-335 body shape? Isn't is just a differance of cosmetics between the two?
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They are, but because there's so much less binding and gold plating on the dot, it's a f**k load cheaper.

that's what I'd assume. So, why should one of them be recomended over the other? It's completely about looks.
Fact: Bears eat beats. Bears beats Battlestar Galactica.