Ok so my freind started playing bass last month and hes getting blisters from playing.
He's told me that he sometimes plays all day on the weekends and he thought that was the cause so he stopped playing for a few days. After wating a few days he went back to playing and hes still getting them.

Whats the problem here?
His skin just hasn't toughened up enough yet.
He will get used to it eventually, my skin went red raw when i first started playing.

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blisters+pain=callouses and sweet success
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He's playing too hard over a long period of time. Plus, he's only just started. The skin isn't used to the pressure. Tell him to calm his playing down, and he'll end up with callous instead of blisters.

And if he gets blisters, tell him to pop them with a needle, then cover them with a porous material, as opposed to rip the skin off. That's stupid.
I have callouses like no ****ing tommorow youll get used to them
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sucks when you first start but once you get passed it you can play forever

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tell him to keep playing, he'll never callous if he doesn't keep it up.
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Blisters are a huge callous killer. If it hurts, you're doing it wrong.

true, never got blisters myself, but i have always worked with my hands doing labor work since i was 15
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Yup thats what happens when your new.

Callouses, maybe. But blisters? Nah, I don't think so. He needs to chill on the slides, I think. And lighten his touch. Eventually, yeah, he'll get used to it.
He's simply playing too much and too hard.

Tell him to take a break when his fingers start to hurt -- he'll build callouses faster if he avoids blisters.

Also, what I do sometimes after not having played for a while, is to put a dab of crazy glue on the tips of my fingers. it feels weird, but it provides an extra layer of protection against blisters. Just make sure to wait a bit before touching anything or your fingers will stick together.
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So should i tell him to lighten his touch and play less?

I would tell him to lighten his touch at least. I know a guy at my school who thinks he can play bass but really he hugs the neck with his left hand and puts his thumb over the fretboard and with his right hand he doesn't roll his fingers over the strings, he clutches underneath them and flings them out and he thinks he's progressing because of all the blisters he gets. Bottom line, a callous that doesn't hurt is fine but blisters? Calm down I say.