Hi all, knowing that the bass guitar is a different animal than the 6 string guitars, what can you tell me about the different string gauges and composition (nickel vs steel)? I know for the 6 string acoustical Ibanez and Takamine that I play I always use light acoustic phosphorous bronze strings. For the bass, I have no clue. I’d like to say around the $20.00 a set budget. Any advice? Thanks in advance.
A good set of bass strings is $50, bro.

Edit: Woah, that store was tryin' to screw me over hard, I just checked Music123, they're more within your range.

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Bass Strings?

Cant go wrong with a set of standard gauge strings for standard tuning. If your playing in dropped tunings, try some heavier gauge (about 110 will do). If your after abit more twang then try some lighter gauges. (i have 40-100 on my jazz).
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Rotosound Swing-66? I have a set and I love them (though I don't have much to compare to besides stock strings)
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