FS: Roland Cube 20X - $135 shipped

The amp is in near mint condition with just one tiny, microscopic ding. It works perfectly and sounds fantastic. You won't find a better amp in this price range. It can do everything from Jazz to Metal. What other amp can do that?

More info and reviews here:


Paypal or USPS Postal Money Order.

PM if interested. I can get pics if anyone wants them.
damn how'd you even find that ding. Good deal I think.
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Quote by apak
damn how'd you even find that ding. Good deal I think.

Yeah, it's tiny, but I believe in full disclosure. That ding's really the only thing keeping the amp from being in new/mint condition. Pretty minor, and you'd be saving $65+ off of a new one.
Quote by ReynboLightning
would you be willing to ship to canada?

Yes, but it'd be an extra $20 at least to ship to Canada, and you might incur custom/duty fees as well.