Hello there,

I am just looking for a little help in identifying the guitar that I own. It was inherited and while I am a musician, I don't play guitar and don't know where to start with making an ID. For anyone that could help, here is what I know:

-The head stock says "Epiphone - Les Paul - Gibson" if you read from the top downwards.
-It appears similar to the Ebony standard, but I don't think it is.
-When I researched the serial number it showed that it was manufactured in 2004, and that the plant was: EE = Qingdao, China.

I can supply pics if someone is willing to help me out here.

Thanks ahead of time!
you pretty much just described an epi standard. what makes you think its not?
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Quote by Artemis Entreri
A standard Les Paul?

I thought that it *might* be, but I was hoping for a more definitive identification.
Quote by ihavenoname93
you pretty much just described an epi standard. what makes you think its not?

A) I have no experience with guitars, so didn't want to jump to conclusions. I could tell you anything you wanted about saxophones, but I'm useless here.
B) The head stock didn't look like any of the pics of standards that I'd seen. Those all had "Les Paul Standard" on them, this one says "Gibson" there.
Quote by Kentris.5
Pics would definitely help. As Artemis said, it does sound like a standard Les Paul, but if it looks a bit different a picture could help someone ID it.

Going to see if I can't slap a pic up here. First time in the forums, so I've got to do a little playing around.
Yeah man, that's a straight standard. I can't see the actual top of the headstock, so it might be one of their various upper end models. But it looks all standard otherwise.
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Serial number is good, back of headstock, and the neckplate if the guitar has one.
Looks just like an Epi Standard LP to me.
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Quote by Artemis Entreri
Yeah. Standard made in China. At a Gibson factory I think.

Thanks so much everyone! That helps a bunch.
The standard Epiphone Les Pauls have a truss rod cover that says "Les Paul Standard" I believe..
Although I have heard of some of their upper end models saying "Gibson"
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