Hey guys, finished off a couple new songs


The top two.

The place promised in our early days has been posted before, and you all really liked it, but now it has some vocals! from gareth (aka dreampin on this forum)

And you lied is a song i quickly put together after work because i felt down and needed some cheering up haha and making songs always keeps me smiling!

Hope you enjoy and ill C4C

Suggestions and crits are great
The place promised is awesome. Sounds so professional. the only thing i dont like is the growls but other then that the vocals were awesome. Guitars were all great. If i just found you on myspace i would have thought you were a signed band. really great keep it up. could you crit mine
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you lied is badass, love the intro riff, i am in the process of recording a song with a similiar vibe, just more trancey of course. im a guy who has never played in drop D or C before, so i am having an absolute blast making these songs haha. It gets a little lame because the beat always matches the riff, if it had vocals or a lead guitar track it would be even better. Definitely great stuff man, thanks for the crit.
Great work man- I liked place better out of the two. I thought the vocals were decent, at first I wasn't sure but he seemed to growl more as the song went on and I thought it sounded better that way. The last minute or so I especially liked, very melodic.

you lied was good too, the intro stuck out a lot as it was extra brutal.

c4c? https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1089739
Dammit I just came a bit.

You lied is really REALLY good.

Don't like the singing though, but that's because I'm not much of a screamo-fan anyway...

I'm gonna play You Lied one more time though
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damn man how did you get such great quality out of these songs? you probably get tired of people asking you that but it is an ongoing struggle for me, and i'm so impressed with these cause they've got that perfectly recorded guitar sound i've been looking for. this stuff is fantastic! shoot me a message if you feel like disclosing some easy tips/secrets of yours...
Ah got it...yeah I've definitely got the means to a good recording, and the recordings are getting better. I just have to figure out all the bits and pieces. anyways this stuff is great
I can't crit it, it was awesome!

Such a refreshing break from your generic metal etc, much more original

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