Well my band and I have played a bit and a few gigs, but still have no name and all of our ideas suck...

So i was wondering where you people with awesome band names are and how the hell did you come up with them.

BTW: We would like suggestions.( We play Classic Rock, 70s 80s Metal, and a lil bit of modern rock).THX a bunch.
my AP physics teacher is a funny guy, and he came across a physics term, and said it would be a good band name: Circle of Least Confusion

BTW: i like that one, im keeping it, think of your own
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What my band did was go through a lot of books I read and settled on Doublethink from 1984 but that was taken so we just thought of random words that had meaning to us and translated them into latin and got ours that way so just come up with stuff that's important to you I guess.
The Big Wigs
get it? its makes fun of hair metal, which I consider classic metal.