I have found recently that I enjoy jazz with less common (at least in a jazz context) instruments used for solos.

I know Eric Dolphy played a lot of bass clarinet and he is one of my favorites http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SzqVXvwMHCU

Also the other day the Dallas Brass band played a concert at my school and one of them played a lot of piccolo trumpet and I liked that in a jazz setting but when I asked him if there were any trumpeters who played it some times the closest he could think of was Don Cherry who played pocket trumpet, which to my ear doesn't differ from a regular trumpet much sonically.

So if you have any suggestions that seem like they fit in this thread please post them.
I know its not completely unconventional in a jazz context, but still not something that you hear everyday unless your into it, but vibes are an awesome lead instrument. Go check out some Lionel Hampton. They have such a rich sound, its wonderful.

Also harmonica, listen to Toots Thielemans. Hes ancient and RIPS on harmonica in a jazz context. You can also find him whistling and playing guitar.
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wayne burgone(spelling?) takes his trumpet mouthpiece and plays it through a garden hose, i dont know many recordings there are, but i know he does it frequently.

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^ Ron Burgandy is the main character from Anchorman, its a joke. I love Dirty Dozen Brass Band, but they don't have a very unusual instrumentation though. They are incredible live though, same with Chicago Afrobeat Project.

A friend of mine was working on some jazz stuff with his mandolin and it was great.
Bass is still a very rare lead instrument. I've got only Jaco Pastorius and Marcus Miller (who also plays great bass clarinet) in mind.
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A friend of mine was working on some jazz stuff with his mandolin and it was great.

David Grisman plays a lot of gypsy jazz on mando in addition to his bluegrass. He also played a lot of standards with Jerry Garcia when he was alive.

EDIT: Why did you bring up the Dirty Dozen Brass Band?
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ha i dont know I just love their stuff and thought more people should listen....

..anyways, yeah I forgot about Grisman, I actually have listened to a lot of his and Jerry's stuff(I'm a big fan of the Dead, and anythign with Jerry). It is still interesting to hear jazz on a mandolin.