anyone see a problem with using a dbx 266xl compressor/gate as a noise gate for 2 guitars. there are 2 guitar players in my band and we have a show coming soon. i was looking at the mxr smart gate but its 399 or something and money is tight. i have the dbx already and never really used it for anything it was an impulse by a few years ago. i hooked it up thru the effects loop of my amp and so far seems to work. any suggestions on settings as a noise gate for guitar there are 2 seperate channels so i would just mirror settings for 2nd guitar.
i have the ns2 and i love it but i already have the dbx and i need 2 noise gates i dont really have 2 use the dbx for both guitars just seemed like it would work. i am really interested in using the dbx for my rivera head one side straight in and 1 side into the effects loop.
It'd be kind of convoluted, but I don't see why it wouldn't work. You'd just have a weird dual rig going on.


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i basically need a 2nd noise gate soon i have a few weeks to get it set up but not a lot of spare time. the dbx has like a duel set up for compressor and gate x2 for some reason i cant seem to fig out the concept of compressor and gate settings i just kind of turn knobs till it sounds good. my main rig which i leave at practice space and dont get much time to mess with is loud as in unwanted noise and the ns2 works good but i got the idea of the duel noise gate in the guitar world mag they show zoltan bathory uses a mxr smart gate running thru the front and the effects loop sounded cool and i already own and dont use the dbx. and i could loan the other guitar player the ns2. so far it seems to be working almost to good its going from dead silent to super loud with a minor string scrape