Well, I Have An Old Acoustic. I Love It Even Though Its Not Name Brand. I Wanted To Add A Piezoelectric Pickup Because I Am Going Off To College Next Year And I Don't Wanna Go Buy A New Acoustic-Electric And It Get Stolen.

Do They Work Well? If So, Does Anyone Have A Guide To Making One. If It Sucks, What Alternative Would You Recommend?
I'm sorry to be a dick, but what the hell would you put caps lock on for to write something this? Unless it's an accident your kind of a dick, forgot his name, he made one, threads around here, made it out of a smoke detector.
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i'm sorry but i'm kinda OCD like that. To me, it makes it look good. i even get points taken off english essays cause i'm that OCD about it.

I've just mad 2 of them myself, one for a solidbody and one for an acoustic. InvaderJim suggests using a preamp (there's a diagram for it in that thread) but I just used 2 piezos in series and it sounds great.

EDIT: I'd also suggest reading through most, if not all, of that thread and then asking any questions you have there. Almost anything you could think of has been coverd at some point in that thread.
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I made one, listen to my profile!
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