Since I have no musician friends IRL, anybody wana jam/improvise?

Well, I kinda want to learn good impro licks and stuff.

We can still do the classic impro jam (play a chord progression while someone jams on it then switch roles rythm/lead) instead of jamming on a song.


Oh yeah, you need a stickam account.

For those who get ages problem while registering, just put something around 16 years old, it works for me.
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There will sadly be a lot of lag.
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Sounds like a cool idea. I may just do it.
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is Ninjam any good?

im might join, listening just for now :P
Bumping this because DAMMIT I SHOULD STOP SHREDDING SERIOUSLY, I need to train more melodicly....

And this time, no big jams, just lick exchanges!
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Well I'm impressed that not one said that already lol.
you guuys should really join this group wee need more people seriously lol
I've been looking forever for somewhere to jam with real people online! When's the next jam?