Not traditional melodic metal, but still pretty melodic. As it sits right now the 1st verse plays 4 times, then a drum fill, then the chorus. But the second verse plays 3 times and goes straight into the chorus without a drum fill. I think it sounds cooler that way but let me know what you think please.

Also the 2nd last section doesn't sound right without RSE so if your running GP4 keep that in mind.

This is easily my most straight-forward and structured song. The second bridge gets extended into a full-on solo when I play with my band, but I just got too lazy to write it all out.

C4C of course!
GP4 up now
Bury Her, Alive.zip
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Good intro, just some minor chords to set the mood for the little onslaught later. Even though it's much heavier, this is still really calm sounding for the most part.

The lead sounds really soothing as well, like a little hook of it was taking from "hush little baby, don't you cry...". not a bad thing, of course.

Wacky slides, very good though.

Not much else to say really.


GOREDIT: Nothing to crit, really. Just make sure to check my next post here
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Intro chord things are cool.
I would have used close highhat for drumbeat, but thats just me.
Verse riff is great. Would def work easy with singing.
Chorus is too similar to verse for me. And I dont like the higher guitar solo thing. Sounds okay, but i hate solos like that.
Riff in bridge is awesome. Solo kinda thing worked well this time.
'lets get some meat' is great. however I would have made it more beefy somehow since its a awesome riff. maybe change the drums.



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Nothing wrong with the intro, but I think that the F rooted (not sure what it is) arpeggio sounds really hip hoppy. Not sure why.
Transition worked really well.
The verse is great. I particularly like the "partial" harmonies if you know what I mean. That it only harmonizes on a few notes.
I also see how the chorus lead is reminiscent of "Hust Little Baby" but I think that just makes it feel really dark. It's cool.
Bridge is great. Nothing to say about it.
I don't dig the second bridge as much though. No particular reason.
The "meat" riff is really cool, though I would suggest more variation if it's gonna be played that long. Or maybe it doesn't feel as long with words.
I would modify the lead for the final chorus as well. I would start by changing the long F at 116 to the next F up and bend it up a step. And then add a whole new lead starting from there.
Good job Mr. Gremmypoo! A very unique tune you have come up with this time.

I really enjoyed it all up until the chorus. There's nothing really wrong with it, I just feel that it might be more of a pre-chorus considering it's very similar to the Verse riffage.

The bridge was a nice riff, and the "Meat" section afterwards was really good in my opinion. It even gets a little doomy when it repeats so many times, which I find is a cool touch.

Overall I found this a satisfying piece, 8/10. C4C?! https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?p=19107407#post19107407
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