usually on my strat i never use the whammy bar, ive taken it out... been like that for years..

however for tonights gig, i am about to put new strings on the ol axe when i looked at the back and noticed the springs are exposed, and i have extra springs, and this might be the perfect opportunity to setup my trem so i can ACTUALLY USE IT!!

now currently i have 3 springs in the back like so / | \

thinking if i go to five ( ||||| ) springs in the back, i might be a bit better off...

also, i usually string my guitar as follows: string through body, wind around the tuner head X amount of times, poke through the hole so it is being 'clamped' by the other strings as i tighten them around the head.....

IM THINKING if i go string through body, DIRECTLY THROUGH THE TUNING PEG HOLE (BEFORE winding) THEN wind it up, there should be less play, correct?

anyone else had this problem? or can anyone suggest new ways to string my guitar at the headstock so it doesnt go outta tune when i use the whammy...?????

orrrrrr if its that much of a pain, ill just say screw it and go without a trem haha
no big deal