I use the Marshall JCM 900, which isnt exactly known for cleans. Its a 1 channel amp, so I cant switch to and from without dialing it in

Question- Is there any pedal that will give me a decent CLEAN tone? I know that I can set the amp on clean and use a pedal to distort, but I dont want to do that. I want to use the amp's distortion because it is sick.
roll back on the volume, push the mids a bit. if youre looking for an actual pedal, try an EQ pedal to shape your tone.
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EQ pedal!! I should have thought of that...Thanks guys, makes sense now lol .... Good thing Boss makes one


Please do yourself a favor and spend a little bit extra for the MXR 10-band EQ.
It has more bands, sounds better, and has a volume AND gain slider.
Much better EQ
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for sure.

roll the volume back if your not too distorted.
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