I recently bought a Kyser capo for my electric guitar. Currently, it is turned down to Eb standard. However, when I put it on the first fret, it plays 3/4 step up (a really sharp E). What is wrong? Or am I just doing something really stupid?

I am a complete noob to capos. Help me UG.
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You probably put it right in the middle of the fret which bends the string into the fret. You should put the capo right next to the metal fret instead of the middle as shown.

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buy a shubb, planet waves capo, or paige capo, all which have tension adjusters. There is too much tension I have found on every kyser I have ever tried. If you want to stay in tune with a capo, buy one that has a tension adjuster, end of story. Hope that helps
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Tune your guitar?
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shubb +2

with the clamp ones you sometimes pull sharp and need to tune with it on.

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