What you think bout these

You’re My Love

I want you to be with me
Under the stars and by the sea
So even the blind can see
You’re my love

I want us to be together
In the sun or any weather
As long as we have each other
You’re my love

I want us to have true love
As pure as the greatest dove
Sent down from the God above
You’re my love

I want you to be all mine
I believe we’ll be just fine
Everyone can read the sign
You’re my love


Find the cost of freedom, buried in the ground,
Mother Earth will swallow you, lay your body down.

We are losing our rights,
Without putting up some fights,
Them govs are stealing them,
Just because they are power driven

The cost of freedom is being risen from the ground
Now we will have to pay for them pound for pound,
Neil’s request is being denied,
The Free World is being fried.

The banks have been nationalized,
And rights are becoming rationalized,
Habeas corpus was suspended,
Upon which our rights depended.

So this is how democracy falls,
Into the mighty empirical halls,
Totalitarianism is succeeding,
Because nobody is seceding

We ask for more and more,
‘Til the gov is a power wh0re,
The feds are being praised,
And the Gods have been razed.

Here’s the cost of freedom, risen from the ground,
Our Great Party will torture you, lay your soul down.
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