im trying to get a nice alternative/ indie rock sound on my boss ds-1 and my amp anybody have any suggestions?
What guitar and what amp? The DS-1 is a good pedal for indie rock as long as you have a good guitar and amp. Also, what kind of indie rock? Give me some band examples.

If the gear on your profile is right, then here's what I suggest:

Use your squier, not your epiphone. Bridge or bridge+middle (can you do bridge+neck? try that too). Set your rage to the clean channel with bass and treble at noon, and your mids around 1 or 2 o'clock. Set the DS1 to tone at 2 or 3:00 and gain to noon. Adjust level to taste.
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What amp? What guitar?
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i have epiphone les paul standard and a crap peavey for an ammp (which i want to replace soon) I was thinking like a radiohead kind of sound or a sonic youth kind of sound
Indie rock is a meaningless term for describing sound.
My Bloody Valentine is indie rock.
Death Cab For Cutie is indie rock.

If you tried playing MBV's songs with Death Cab's equipment, you'd be in a serious jam.
I find that increasing the gain on my amp while rolling back the volume on my guitar can work well.

You can get a very light distortion this way.
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I adjusted my first post to reflect your gear. If you'd rather use the epi, just use the bridge pickup and bump the tone about an hour higher than I suggested for use with the squier.
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For Sonic Youth there really aren't any specifics, its more of the attitude (and tunings) really. Just really dig into your strumming and go for a gritty sound.

As for Radiohead they have seperate tonal eras, list songs with tones you really like that way it will be easier to find a specific tone and how to get it.